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A sister-book to Megalopolis Calling, this shorter book is only made of pictures shot vertically.


Book available - 44 pages


Megalopolis Calling:
The last homage to the Greater Tokyo Area, a book of pictures celebrating personal memories of fragrances, moods and other such subtle details to the senses.


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Book available - 100 pages


At Decade's End :

Compilation of ten years of photography containing over two hundred and fifty pictures. This book includes many of the pictures present on this website.

Book available- 226 pages

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魚座 (UOZA) :

A very short collection of images from Japan with a focus on graphism.




Softcover minibook available - 42 pages

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Glow of the festival :

The people of the Eiwachôkai


(2010 & 2013)
Softcover minibook available
- 28 pages

Boiling Point :

The first step of a photographic work in Iceland. The second step of a desire to explore what lies beneath our first impressions of "exotic" locations.

(Summer 2011)
Book available - 78 pages

Fragmentations :

A collection of over a hundred pictures from Japan taken over the course of three years and four travels. This book illustrates the cultural decentration process.

Book available - 140 pages

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Artdex :

Artistic and documentary endeavours meet to create this reportage about the "Expressive Arts" course of the Institut Sainte-Marie Namur.

Book out of print - 72 pages

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