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The North Beckons

I've always been caught in the Nordic's gravitational pull for decades. I remember being a teenager going over actual maps of Sweden and Norway, planning a tour of Scandinavia (google maps wasn't a thing yet) but when a few years later, I finally got my driving license, it did not happen.


Life had gotten in the way, but I somehow much later found Scandinavia again, and not as a mere idea. Against all odds, Norway had become a part of my personal life. True serendipity.


I have now spent (quite) a few years exploring the region near my northern anchor point and from there, I've been visiting and revisitng my favourite spots while still discovering hidden gems. I've spent time making these locations familiar, familiar enough to almost appear mundane. One day I'll have enough images and stories to compile these frequent journeys into a book.


But not just yet. Polaris Pulling is a working title for images that are a product of this Northern magnetism.

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